We invented a brand new approach for implementation of crowd marketing

Our service assumes fully responsibility for the running of a crowd campaign on Quora platform. The best way for it is our automation tool – Telegram Bot @gtlogbot.

For what?

Accounts creating

Any service plan includes ready-to-go accounts and also ability to setup new accounts in one-click. They start to develop own reputation immediately. More Quora accounts are your room for manoeuvre.

Posting answers

For posting answers you need only spinning content. Auto-answer appealing system takes care for further presence on a question and in case of collapsing will notice you any change.


You can deal with answer life cycles statistics in Excel format that are updating every 5 minutes. Data include such columns as date/time, position and views.


The bot can upvote or downvote, report and make views. This functionality is running only with actions following behavioral activity for maximum combined effect.


Notification system can inform you about position change by notifications for taking instant attention to your answer and making certain steps. You can do this directly from your smartphone.


You get fast position check in a very suitable view, ability to add and edit disclaimers for accounts, to add quickly an answer directly from text field of your Telegram-messenger and many other useful things can help you with your crowd campaigns. Also you can buy quora upvotes, downvotes, reports, views, accounts

Free quora upvotes

Start the bot today and get 1 day free trial with free quora upvotes and free quora downvotes

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For who?

For business who needs target traffic and backlinks

For affiliate specialists in reaching target traffic

For SEO guru who needs backlinks with warranty

For all who need to achieve the objectives of crowd marketing